Saturday, March 13, 2010

The Capitol Building

After staying with my brother in California for a couple of weeks, I decided I needed to tag... something. I had been working in Sacramento for two weeks, and the only place of interest I could really think of was the Capitol Building.

I had driven by a week before putting the tag in place, to look for potential targets. Old Town Sacramento seemed like a possibility, but there were signs everywhere threatening imprisonment for defacing property... Since I'm still a baby when it comes to yarn bombing, I have not yet developed the confidence or knowledge that I'm not going to get in trouble for my works of.. art.

Anyways, I decided to knit a small hand rail cozy to tag the capitol building. My brother and I went to a fantastic mexican restaurant close by (Tres Hermanas) and waited for it to get nice and dark. After food and margaritas, we headed over to the Capitol Building. After parking the car and eyeing the news van that was parked in front of the building, my brother started to lose his nerve. We walked up to the steps that lead to the front doors, with the aforementioned hand rails, and spotted the security cameras. Trying to act nonchalant, we continued walking and talking back across the street.

My brother noticed the stop sign before I did, and suggested I tag it, in plain view of the news van, some lady with her camera and everyone driving down Capitol Avenue. I pulled the tag out of my pocket and began to sew up the seams as quickly as I possibly could. My brother kept watch, and took an action shot for me. All in all, we were done in less than five minutes and back on the road to my brother's apartment.

I have no idea how long the tag will stay... but I can't imagine it will be for very long.

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