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Monday, March 1, 2010

Multnomah Falls

After leaving her house, my accomplice and I decided to go on an adventure. Since it was Valentine's Day and neither of us had anything better to do, it was decided that we should go on an adventure. After the first bout of mischief, we had worked up an appetite and decided to stop in Troutdale to get something to eat. We discovered a fantastic little Italian restaurant in what I think was Old Troutdale. I would whole heartedly recommend this place to anyone -- Ristorante Di Pompello.

After filling up on delicious Italian fare, we continued on our journey to Multnomah Falls. It tends to be an attraction for tourists, and rightfully so. However, as Portlanders, it had been ages since my friend and I had seen it. We arrived at the falls around 3pm, giving us enough time to hike the 1.25 miles uphill to the Larch Mountain Lookout. I put the tag with a pre-threaded needle and a pair of scissors in my pocket, and we set off up the trail to face the switchbacks.

Long story short, we made it to the Lookout and I was able to put the tag in place in broad daylight without any attention from any of the tourists that had also gathered at the lookout. Smile. It's all about confidence.

Being Valentine's Day, I felt that a heart was appropriate... even if it's really not my style. I don't know how long this tag will stay up there, but it kind of warms my heart to know that I put it there.

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